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    Potassium humate is the best fertilizer additive to increase the efficiency of fertilizers especially nitrogen- and phosphorus-based fertilizer inputs
    JaiviZyme Potassium Humate 870.003,816.00

    Potassium Humate (min.)                              : 10.00 (w/v %)
    Aqua Media            (max.)                             :  90.00 (w/v%)

    CROPS: All Crops

    Foliar Spray   : 250 ml per acre.

    Increased soil aeration, improved water holding and reduced soil erosion.
    Enhanced rate of photosynthesis.
    Improves physiological processes like nutrient and water uptake through root development, nutrient utilization efficiency.
    Improved source link relationship.
    Reduced photo-respiration losses; promotes cell division and cell expansion

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    AMMONIUM POLYPHOSPHATE (10:34:00) 125.00950.00

    Total nitrogen (All as ammoniacal nitrogen) % by weight (min.) : 10.0
    Total phosphorus (as P2O5) % by weight (min.) : 34.0
    Poly- phosphorus (as P2O5) % by weight (min.) : 22.0

    All Crops

    Foliar spray : 5 ml per litre of water.
    Root application : 10 ml per litre of water during the early establishment
    stage of crop growth.

    Bio availability of N & P nutrients are higher.
    Excellent liquid phosphatic fertilizer.
    Suitable for foliar and root application.

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    NPK EASY 8:8:8 105.00760.00


    Total Nitrogen (ammoniacal+nitrate form) % by weht (min.)              : 8.0
    Nitrogen in ammoniacal form % by weight (min.)                                  : 3.0
    Available phosphorus (as P2O5) % by weight (min.)                              : 8.0
    Water soluble potash (as K2O) % by weight (min.)                                 : 8.0
    Sulphate sulphur % by weight (min.)                                                          : 2.0

    CROPS:    All Crops

    For Sugarcane                                    : 10 ml per litre of water
    For Medium & short term crops    : 3-5 ml per litre of water.

    Quick availability of macro nutrients to crops.
    Losses of nutrients compared to bulk fertilizers   is lower.
    Enhances the growth and development of crops.
    Improves the yield of crops.

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    NPK+Zn+B(N-11:P-11,K-8,Zn-0.7% & B-0.5-0.7%) 170.001,275.00


    Total nitrogen % by weight min.                                                 : 11.0
    urea nitrogen % by weight, min.                                                 : 7.2
    Ammoniacal nitrogen % by weight max.                                   : 3.0
    Water soluble phosphorus (as P2O5), % by weight min         : 11.0
    Water Soluble potassium (as K2O) % by weight min.              : 8.0
    Zinc as Zn % by weight min. in the form of Zn-EDTA               : 0.7
    Boron as B                                                                                       : 0.5-0.7

    CROPS :     All Crops

    Field crops, Vegetables & Pulses   : 4-5ml per litre of water.
    Spices, Fruit & Flower Crops       : 6-7ml per litre of water.

    Quick availability of nutrients.
    Boron is essential for seed and fruit development.
    Increases crop growth and development.
    Corrects the deficiency of Zinc & Boron.

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    KN EASY (Potassium Nitrate, N-13:P-00:K-45) 280.00


    Total nitrogen (all in nitrate form) % by weight (min.)  : 13.0
    Water soluble potassium (as K20 ) % by weight, (min.) : 45.0

    CROPS: All Crops
    Foliar spray    : 5-7 gm per litre of water.

    Synergistic combination of potassium and nitrogen increases yield, quality of fruits, vegetables & all other crops.
    Plant availability of nutrients are higher compared to conventional fertilizers.
    Can be applied on all the critical stages of crop growth. Vegetative, Flowering and Fruiting.
    Suitable to apply through all types of fertigation systems.

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    NK FORTIFIED WITH Ca, Mg & B (N-6:P-00:K-18, Ca-5%, Mg-2% & B-0.5-0.8%) 130.00935.00


    Total nitrogen % by weight, min.                                                      : 6.0
    Nitrate Nitrogen as N % by weight min.                                          : 5.8
    Water Soluble potassium as K2O % by weight min.                      : 18.0
    Water soluble Calcium (as CaO), % by weight, min.                       : 5.0
    Water soluble Magnesium (as MgO), % by weight, min.               : 2.0
    Boron as B                                                                                             : 0.5-0.8

    CROPS: All Crops

    Field crops, Vegetables & Pulses               : 4-5ml per litre of water.
    Spices, Fruit & Flower Crops                      : 6-7ml per litre of water.

    Contains dual nutrients calcium and boron important for fruits and vegetables.
    Cures Calcium and boron deficiency in the crops quickly.
    Increases uptake of other nutrients.
    High Potassium content improves the quality & provides uniform shape and color to produce.

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