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    NPK+Zn+B(N-11:P-11,K-8,Zn-0.7% & B-0.5-0.7%) 170.001,275.00


    Total nitrogen % by weight min.                                                 : 11.0
    urea nitrogen % by weight, min.                                                 : 7.2
    Ammoniacal nitrogen % by weight max.                                   : 3.0
    Water soluble phosphorus (as P2O5), % by weight min         : 11.0
    Water Soluble potassium (as K2O) % by weight min.              : 8.0
    Zinc as Zn % by weight min. in the form of Zn-EDTA               : 0.7
    Boron as B                                                                                       : 0.5-0.7

    CROPS :     All Crops

    Field crops, Vegetables & Pulses   : 4-5ml per litre of water.
    Spices, Fruit & Flower Crops       : 6-7ml per litre of water.

    Quick availability of nutrients.
    Boron is essential for seed and fruit development.
    Increases crop growth and development.
    Corrects the deficiency of Zinc & Boron.

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    NK FORTIFIED WITH Ca, Mg & B (N-6:P-00:K-18, Ca-5%, Mg-2% & B-0.5-0.8%) 130.00935.00


    Total nitrogen % by weight, min.                                                      : 6.0
    Nitrate Nitrogen as N % by weight min.                                          : 5.8
    Water Soluble potassium as K2O % by weight min.                      : 18.0
    Water soluble Calcium (as CaO), % by weight, min.                       : 5.0
    Water soluble Magnesium (as MgO), % by weight, min.               : 2.0
    Boron as B                                                                                             : 0.5-0.8

    CROPS: All Crops

    Field crops, Vegetables & Pulses               : 4-5ml per litre of water.
    Spices, Fruit & Flower Crops                      : 6-7ml per litre of water.

    Contains dual nutrients calcium and boron important for fruits and vegetables.
    Cures Calcium and boron deficiency in the crops quickly.
    Increases uptake of other nutrients.
    High Potassium content improves the quality & provides uniform shape and color to produce.

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    BOROFIX (Boron Ethanolamine – B:10%) 115.00955.00

    Boron (as B) % by weight (min.)     : 10.0

    CROPS: All Crops

    Foliar Spray   : 1.0 to 1.5 ml per litre of water once or twice depending on the crop duration.

    Corrects Boron deficiency in all crops.
    Non phytotoxic formulation of Boron micronutrient and can be used in early stages of crop growth.
    Improves fruiting.
    Highly useful for Boron loving crops like Cotton, Cabbage and Tobacco.

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