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1. Who is an Associate?

An Associate is one who joined to take up the company’s products for promotion and resale.

2. What is the financial compensation given to an Associate?

An Associate will be paid up to 20% of his/her product purchase in a month.

3. When will the company provide the incentive?

The company will pay incentives during the first week of every month for the proceeding month’s purchase to the Associate’s bank account.

4. Is an Associate entitled to any other incentive or benefit?

The company will announce various volume-based schemes for the associates.

5. What is the job description?

a) An Associate will buy products from the company’s eCommerce website, www.exagro.in, and stock with him/her.
b) The Associate will provide field demonstrations to display the performance and promote the products.
c) Resell the products to the dealers/farmers at the same purchased prices.Embedded content from other websites

6. Will the company provide field promotion materials?

Yes, the company will provide product leaflets in Hindi / English initially and based on requirements leaflets will be provided in other languages as well.

7. Can the purchased material be returned?

Yes, please read our Return Policy..

8. GST & Courier charges?

The GST & courier charges are included in the product prices. It is requested that a complete address with a pin code and contact number are provided.

9. Shall the company deduct TDS from the payment?

Yes, depending upon the earnings, the company shall deduct TDS from the payment and provide deduction details to the payee.

10. Where can the Associates work?

Anywhere in the country.

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